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What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor is a qualified, registered professional who assesses and quantifies the loss i.e. the amount of property damage whether that be from fire, smoke, storm, flood, oil spills, burst water pipes, trees falling on buildings and so on. A Loss Assessor understands and implements the proper procedures required to negotiate insurance claims on behalf of the Insured.

As soon as the loss or damage occurs, the first phonecall should be made to the Loss Assessor as the presence of this professional on your side is essential to properly assess the situation and evaluate the loss fully.

This is a critical time in the whole process whereby we deal with the insurance company and their Loss Adjusters on your behalf to help guarantee a successful outcome thus removing you from the stress and anxiety of the process.

As Devine Claims Consultants are Loss Assessors, we know how the claim process works and develops as we are dealing with Insurance companies on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our professional background is in the Irish Civil Engineering and Construction sectors and we can ensure that a comprehensive survey of your property damage is fully evaluated so that there are no surprises down the line after the claim is settled and your file is closed with the insurers.

On receipt of your policy we will:

  • Analyse and ascertain your potential loss after assessing the damage or loss
  • Compile and submit a thorough report of the claim to your insurance company
  • Liaise and negotiate with the insurer's loss adjuster (the insurer's representative) to obtain the optimal settlement
  • Ensure the efficient issue of your settlement cheque to your full satisfaction

    Our aim is to save you money, time and stress by providing professional guidance from the outset through processing your claim to your full satisfaction.

    If your building insurance policy covers such perils as fire, lightning, storm, flood, fallen trees, escape of water/oil, theft or attempted theft, vehicular impact, subsidence, ground heave or landslip, accidental damage to service pipes or cables, any glass or sanitary fixtures, then make sure to contact us now.

    This includes business continuity for commercial claims whereby your policy allows for loss of business i.e. loss of profits until the property can sustain commercial activity again.

    We use our experience and expertise to ensure that you, the policy holder, are awarded everything that you are entitled to by your insurance company.
  • Your Entitlements as a Consumer:

    Remember that as you are a consumer you are entitled to that second opinion from your own independent loss assessor not just the insurance company or its representatives. Many policyholders do not realise that they are entitled to have this registered Professional represent them with their claim.

    As your insurance claim is based around the policy documentation, it is open to interpretation and at Devine Claims Consultants we will ensure proper assessment, presentation, negotiation and settlement of your claim on your behalf so as to maximise your entitlements under your policy.

    Our Fees:

    Our fee is based on a small percentage of the gross settlement, standard 10%. We do not ask for upfront payments and wait until you have received your settlement payment. Settlements that we achieve on your behalf normally more than offset the cost of our fee.

    It is vital that you call us immediately after your property is damaged
    Let us report the claim, Let us do the talking.........
    It may be the difference between your claim being met or refused

    Alan Devine & Co. Consultants t/a Devine Claims Consultants is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

    Alan Devine MSc BSc(Hons) DipEng DipLA MIEI MIII
    Public Loss Assessor & Civil Engineer
    Claims Mobile: 087 6919 803
    Registered Office: Cloonarrow, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.
    Office Phone & Fax: 094 96 20115